****Note:  We have decided to run the 7.49 (1/8th mile) index at the Piedmont event on 5/28 instead of the two bracket classes.  This applies to the Piedmont event only.  This is the only change to the flyer listed below.  See you at the track!!!!!!  ****

Welcome to the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series official home for information and media on the web.  Formed by Pritchett Brother's Racing, LLC, The Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series is proud to be the home of the worlds fastest outlaw drag racers.  In association with ORSCA (Outlaw Racing Street Car Association), The Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series brings to fruition a lifetime dream of Nate and Adam Pritchett by providing a safe, serious, and enjoyable place for enthusiasts to showcase their talent while generating an enourmous amount of media exposure for the racers.  

The Ultimate Outlaw Shootout Series Travels to four (4) tracks annually with competition from 7 different racing classes.  A points system is in place and with the help of our wonderful sponsors we are able to distribute approximately $20,000 in cash to our racers at all 4 events!

A key element to the success of this series has been the exposure we recieve on National Television through Fox Sports Network's 'Inside Drag Racing' and our own stand alone show called 'Ultimate Outlaws' which showcases our season finale event each year as the Ultimate Outlaw World Championships.  Reaching 86 million homes nationwide, this exposure allows are racers to step to the forefront of the stage and become our stars.  This show isn't about a cast of characters who live in TV land. This is about showing the world how it is done in the real world with real racers!

Please check out all of our links above for information about our current schedule, rules, photos, and videos.  Thank you for your interest.  Also, this site is a temporary piece and will be replaced soon with a larger one currently in development.

Nate Pritchett
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